Not every tow truck is alike and the needs and specifics of your car should be considered when calling for a tow truck. A good towing company like Car King Towing will specifically ask for your car’s year, make, and model before sending a tow truck that fits your specific vehicle. The main consideration when determining the type of tow truck you need is your car’s drive system, whether that’s front-wheel drive (FWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD). The needs of AWD or vintage cars can call for specialized towing to reduce damage. If your vehicle is simply a FWD or RWD, then you will only need any type of tow truck, wheel lift or flatbed. If it is a full time 4X4, AWD, or has electronic parking brake controls, then it will require a flatbed. The alternative to a flatbed is a wheel lift style tow truck that has "dollies" equipped on them. These will allow the vehicle to be completely lifted off the ground for transport, which is the same effect as having a flatbed tow truck.
Towing fees are determined by adding the loaded miles multiplied by the per mileage fee, added to the Hook-Up fee. Some quotes may be given as a flat fee if the vehicle is being towed close by where it is being picked up from. These prices will vary from towing company to towing company. Shop around for great quotes, but also keep in mind the equipment they will be using is important to obtain as well. Local law enforcement tows are regulated and those tow fees are usually flat rate fees set by the city or county the tow is performed in at the direction of the law enforcement agency.
The State of Texas sets requirements for tow trucks operating anywhere within the State of Texas. Below are the insurance requirements needed: (Incident Management - $500,000 Liability, $50,000 Cargo insurance) (Private Property - $300,000 Liability, $50,000 Cargo insurance) Consent Towing - $300,000, Cargo Insurance is NOT Required). Car King Towing holds a $1,000,000 Liability, and $50,000 Cargo Insurance, with an additional $2,000,000 Aggregate insurance. Car King Towing is a fully insured, bonded, Incident Management licensed company in the State of Texas.
There are three (3) types of towing licenses issued by the State of Texas. *1st is the Consent Towing license which has the least amount of insurance requirements and no training or certification requirements for drivers. *2nd is the Private Property towing license which is usually for companies that routinely perform private property impounds from apartment complexes and businesses. They have higher requirements of insurance than Consent Towing licenses, but have a much lower training and certification requirements for drivers than Incident Management (IM) licenses. *3rd is the Incident Management towing license requirement. The IM towing licenses have the highest insurance requirements, and the only license that requires special certification through the State of Texas. They are also the only towing license that requires "hands-on" training for each Incident Management licensed driver. Incident Management licensees are the only towing license allowed to tow for law enforcement. Car King Towing is a licensed Incident Management towing company and performs services routinely for the City of Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff's Office, DPS, and all local Law Enforcement agencies.
All applicants considered for employment with Car King Towing must be able to pass a DOT level drug screening, and be available for random drug tests performed by an independent Drug Consortium approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations for the State of Texas. All applicants must complete a comprehensive background check through the State of Texas and through the City of Houston, independent of each other. Each applicant must hold a current and valid Texas Driver's License, a current and valid Incident Management Tow Operator's License with the State of Texas, a current and valid wrecker license with the City of Houston, and a current and valid wrecker's license with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. All applicants must have prior experience and be able to attend required training classes that will be assigned them through the year. No exceptions.
There are two ways to find vehicles towed in the City of Houston or in Harris County. If the vehicle was towed in the City of Houston and stored in a vehicle storage facility, you can call 713-308-8580 or you can go to the following link address and search there: If the vehicle is towed from within Harris County and stored in a vehicle storage facility, other than the City of Houston, then you can call the following number: (713) 755-6042. This is only if a vehicle was towed and stored in a licensed vehicle storage facility (VSF).
Our Professional Tow Operators will only issue Digital Receipts for all services performed. Once they have completed any service to your vehicle, they can send you the paid receipt to your phone though text, or to any email address you desire. If you did not receive a receipt, you may contact us through this website, or the following to request a copy be sent to you: Mail request to: Car King Towing 5675 W. Tidwell Rd. Houston, TX 77091 Call us at: (713)260-2599 Email Us at: We will get the receipt to you right away!
A Fleet Account is a client of Car King Towing that is either a large company with a fleet of vehicles they own or lease, or a company that services many vehicles and we tow their vehicles to multiple locations for them. Although Car King Towing is a licensed Incident Management company and performs many services for the Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff's Office, other local Law Enforcement agencies, and part of the Tow and Go program in Houston, our primary services are oriented toward Fleet Accounts and especially towards general public services.
The regulated towing rates for the City of Houston on non-consent tows and incident management tows are $190.00 flat fee up to 20 miles, and $3.80 per loaded mile after 20 miles if it does not go directly to a licensed vehicle facility. The regulated towing rates for the Harris County Sheriff's Office and Constables on non-consent tows and incident management tows are $145.50 flat fee within reason for mileage, if it does not go directly to a licensed vehicle facility.
The Gulf Coast Regional Tow and Go™ Program provides motorists with no-cost towing when their vehicle breaks down from mechanical failure (e.g., out of gas, overheating, flat tire) in the main lanes, shoulders, ramps or High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes of freeways in the Tow and Go service area. In addition to keeping traffic moving, the quick clearance program reduces the chance of dangerous secondary incidents, saving lives. Tow and Go will take you and your vehicle off the freeway to a safe location within one mile of your breakdown. If the problem is a flat tire and you have the necessary equipment along with a working spare, the Tow and Go operator will change the tire at no cost. If the vehicle is towed to somewhere other than the next exit at the request of the owner/operator of the vehicle, the regulated fees will be $174.00, and $3.48 per mile after 20 free miles in the City Limits of Houston, and will be $145.50, and $3.48 per mile after 10 free miles in the Harris County Jurisdiction. Car King Towing is a primary contractor for certain segments within the City of Houston, and Harris County. If you are on any major highway in the City of Houston or within Harris County, you can call the following number to be safely removed from the freeway at anytime, day or night: Tow and Go: (713)881-3333 Don't worry, it is FREE to you be safely removed to a safe location at the next exit or within a mile of where you were originally stranded.