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5 Tips for an Emergency Roadside Situation

 What do you do in an emergency roadside situation on the roadway?

1. Pack a roadside emergency kit

Pack an emergency kit so you’re prepared in the event of a car breakdown or issue. Most items listed below are relatively cheap and can be found at your local store or online.

An ideal roadside emergency kit should include the following: 

  • “>road flares, “>reflective triangles, or ” data-wplink-url-error=”true”>road beacons
  • jumper cables
  • ponchos
  • tarp
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • rags
  • duct tape
  • bottled water and non-perishable snacks
  • multipurpose tools
  • First Aid kit
    • band-aids
    • hand sanitizer
    • antiseptic
    • bug spray
    • aspirin
    • cotton balls
    • gauze pads
    • tweezers
  • small, easily storable fire extinguisher
  • extra blankets
  • cell phone charger
  • refillable gas jug
  • entertainment (deck of cards, book, portable games, etc.)

However, if you’re looking to just make sure you have the basics, opt for an emergency kit that includes the following:

  • First Aid kit
  • multipurpose tools
  • jumper cables
  • road flares
  • bottled water and non-perishable snacks
  • cell phone charger

Make sure you don’t lose any emergency kit components by creating a list and taping it to the outside of your emergency kit box. This way, you’ll have a convenient document to reference as you pack up after an issue.

 Emergency Roadside kits are essential as they are equipped with essentials you will be glad you prepared for. .

Jess Horton
  1. Get off the road.
    If your vehicle is able to move, drive it over to the shoulder or as far out of traffic as possible. If you need to leave your vehicle and it isn’t safe to get out on your driver’s side for any reason, exit through the passenger door. If you leave, make sure to lock your vehicle and leave a note on the windshield with a phone number in case roadside assistance or a police officer stop by.
  • Get over to shoulder ASAP
  • Make sure you are safe before exiting vehicle
  • Leave a note if possible if leaving vehicle on shoulder

3. Make your vehicle visible to others.
Using your hazard lights is an easy way to alert other drivers to your vehicle. If included in your emergency kit, use flares, warning lights or a hazard triangle to better alert other drivers that your vehicle is having problems.

4. Exercise caution.

Keep the doors locked if you stay in your vehicle, and when accepting help from strangers, always exercise good judgement. Keep your seatbelt fastened when sitting in your vehicle. If you exit your vehicle, stay far away from moving traffic.

5. Call for assistance.

You can’t always solve a roadside emergency by yourself, which is why it’s important to call in help when you need it. Having access to a roadside assistance service can make an emergency less frightening, especially when you’re somewhere unfamiliar, when it’s dark outside or during inclement weather. If in Houston, you can call Car King Towing anytime at 713-260-2599. Our large fleet means we probably have someone nearby at anytime.

If you are on a major highway in Houston or Harris County, you can also call for a Tow and Go tow truck to get you off the freeway safely to the next exit, and for FREE!